Discover How To Make Residual Income From Affiliate Marketing Online


When most people think about affiliate marketing, they think about getting a one-time commission.

That’s for those that don’t know what they are doing. You can create recurring, passive income from affiliate marketing, if you can find the right companies.

Not that one time companies are bad, but if you are looking for how to make residual  income, those companies can’t help you.

The very first thing you can do is to find an area or areas that you can concentrate on, as far as making money online is concerned.

There are many different ways to earn good income on the internet.  But according to most people, residual affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make a good living from your online activities.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

You are probably aware of what affiliate marketing is. Simply put, it is selling or promoting the products and services of various online merchants for commission payments.

What this entails is that you find prospects (prospective customers) and send them to the websites of the relevant affiliate merchants.

If any of these prospects buy the merchants products or services, then they pay you a commission in each case.

The more prospects you send to the merchants, the more likely that many of the prospects will make a purchase or join the merchants program or service and thereby earn you a commission in each case.

Two Main Types Of Affiliate Programs



There are two main types of affiliate programs you can promote. There are affiliate programs that pay you a commission on a one-time-only basis.

What this means is that when you find prospects, through your personal marketing efforts, and send them to the merchants’ websites, you will be paid a one-time-only commission when any of the prospects make a purchase.


The second type of affiliate program, and the type I think you should concentrate your marketing efforts on, is residual or recurring income affiliate programs.

The difference is that residual income affiliate programs pay you commissions on a continual, repeated, weekly or monthly basis.

What happens is that you when you find and send prospects to the website of a merchant whose residual income affiliate program you have joined, and the prospects make a purchase, the relevant merchant will pay you a commission every week or every month repeatedly for as long as the customer remains with the merchant.

The Beauty Of Residual Income



The beauty of residual income affiliate programs is that as long as you work hard to bring more and more customers to the merchant, the more your total weekly or monthly commission would be.


Look for many residual income programs, if possible in particular niches or categories. If, say, if you find three residual income affiliate programs in the health niche, then you should promote them together.

How do you do this? What you can do is to build a simple one-page mini-website on which you write a short review of each of the three residual affiliate income programs.

You should then focus on finding prospective customers, through various promotional methods.

You send the prospects to your afore-mentioned mini-website and, in your write-up on the site, encourage them to click on links that will take them straight to the websites of the merchants whose products or services you are promoting.

How To Promote Your Website



As for how you can promote your mini-website, you should do research on the various methods available.

You can consider methods such as writing articles, pay-per-click systems like Google AdWords, email marketing, plus offline methods like placing classified adverts in newspapers and magazines; etc.


How do you multiply the income you are getting from promoting your residual income affiliate income mini-website? Simple.

You build another mini-website, but in a different niche or category. You follow the simple procedure mentioned above.

That is, look for two or three affiliate programs  in that niche that offer residual income commissions.

Then you promote the mini-website to get visitors who would, hopefully, click on your links to visit the merchants’ websites and make a purchase or join their program, so that you would get repeat monthly affiliate commissions.


After this, just rinse and repeat. Keep building more and more of similar mini-websites and keep promoting them vigorously and, before you know it, your total monthly income from your efforts would exceed your expectations.



One very important fact you should note is that most of the best residual income affiliate programs require you to pay a fee to join.

They do not want freebie-hunters, but people who are keen to earn serious money online and put their money where their mouth is.

Residual Income Affiliate programs that require you to pay money to join are the best money-spinners for you in the long-term.

One reason is that the people you refer or recruit into the program are likely to stay with the program for a long time, as they, like your self, are keen to promote the program in order to build long-term financial security for themselves.


So that’s it folks I believe that if you follow the guidelines revealed above, you would soon be on your way to earning a lot of money every month, from residual income affiliate programs.

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