Learn How To Freelance From Home-Guidelines & Steps To Follow

Freelancing is one of the quickest, most efficient and affordable ways to make money from home, especially if you have skills that you’re good at.

       Freelancing has been said to be associated with entrepreneurship. In freelancing, you work for yourself but jobs are assigned to you by a business and so resembles a normal job.

One good thing about freelancing is that you can charge more than the average employer pays.

Before you start freelancing, you need to know exactly why you want to start a freelance business. Knowing this will give you the motivation you need to achieve success.

Below are some guidelines and steps to that you need to follow on your journey  seeking how to freelance from home.


  • Know Your Goals


      Without clear, precise and practical goals you will find it difficult to achieve anything in life.

Is freelancing just a another way for you to make some extra cash? Is full time freelancing what you want to do? Or is freelancing just a means to an end.

Whatever your goal is, you need to know it and make it clear. Setting your goals is something that all successful entrepreneurs agree upon when it comes to starting a business.

Try and understand the reason for you starting a freelance business e.g Do you want to become a freelance developer, writer, programmer. Make sure this reason aligns with your long term goals.

Only when you’re clear on your destination do you proceed. Only once you know where you want freelancing to take you, can you become successful.

If your bigger picture is to become a full time freelancer, you’ll have to set your hourly rate, find out who you’re gonna work with, and so forth.


  • Find a Suitable Niche


If for instance you’re a web or graphic designer or a writer you’ll have to establish yourself in these niches.

          By taking the time to find a profitable niche for your freelance business, you’re actively seeking out an industry and type of client that values quality.

When you’re in a space that competes on quality, you’ll completely change the ways in which you sell your services. You’ll be competing on value, not price.

Choose an area that genuinely interests you, and focus on becoming the best designer in that narrow space—that’s how you really find the right side hustle niche.

Once you’ve built your skills to a level that you can confidently charge a premium for, then you’re ready to start your freelance business and look for your ideal clients.


  • Find Your Target Market


        Just as important as finding a profitable niche, is attracting the right types of clients for your freelance business.

As you’re just starting your freelance business, it’s fine to take a bit more of a shotgun approach to landing a few clients.

Make some initial assumptions about who you want to work with, target them first, and after working with a few of them, you’ll develop a very clear sense of whether or not you want to continue pursuing similar clients.

Your goal is to build your authority and eventually be seen as the go-to resource for a specific type of client(s).

By appealing so well to a narrow well-selected niche, your target clients will have a very quick path to deciding that you’re the best person to help them with their projects.

This above all else, is the path to charging premium rates without anyone batting an eye at the first prices you throw out.


  • Create a Good Portfolio Website


        Your website is often the first impression a potential client will have of you, your style, your work, and the past clients or companies you’ve worked with in your freelance business.


You need to effectively communicate the services you offer, and who they’re for.

Beyond that, you need to sell yourself on why you’re the best person for this type of work – for the clients you want to work with.

If you’re a web designer, your portfolio site should be very meticulously curated since everything about it, is a representation of what you’ll be able to build for your clients.

If you’re a writer, then your blog posts need to speak to the quality of work you’ll create for everyone you work with.

For designers, the same thing goes for you make sure the images you feature on your site are representative of the style you want to create for your future clients.


  • Choose Your First Clients Well


        Because you have a very limited amount of time to source new clients (and actually do the work for them) as you start your freelance business, you need to get the most out of the clients you do bring on.

Both from a financial and portfolio-building standpoint.

Your limited number of clients and correlating portfolio pieces, will represent how you’re perceived by other potential clients moving forward.

That makes everyone you choose to work with or highlight on your website, a crucial decision – especially in the beginning.


Obviously you don’t want to overthink it and go into decision paralysis, but spend a minute or two thinking through whether or not each potential client you’re considering, will help you get to where you want to go.


  • Learn How to Sell Yourself


      If you want to start freelancing, you need to know how to sell yourself, it’s an asset that’ll be worth it’s weight in gold for years to come.

No matter how skilled you are at your craft, if you want to turn your skills into starting a freelance business, you need to be able to communicate those strengths and convert your conversations into paying clients.


So that’s it folks hope this article has taught you what you need to know on how to freelance from home.

Any questions or comments feel free to leave below, love to hear from you !

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