Textbot AI Review 2021-What is Textbot AI?

Hello and Welcome to my review on Texbot Ai! (AVA) If you’re keen to learn more about the hype around Textbot AI and the income statements made online and on YouTube, keep reading. You’ve arrived at the perfect blog post.

Another digital platform that can produce revenue is Textbot AI. Customers and consumers are communicated through text (SMS) messages on this network.

When using this system, business owners are not expected to meet with their customers.

Major communications systems for different companies often use this technology.

The following information would give a company more details about Textbot.ai analysis and how it will help their business.

Textbot AI is artificial intelligence (AI) voice answering service. This virtual assistant is programmed to take calls while customers are unable to contact a company employee during regular business hours.

The AVA AI software can also help consumers who are looking for general knowledge about a business. If the lines are busy or after hours, they will also assist customers.

Textbot AI can be used to send text messages as well as make phone calls. In reality, this service is an SMS, or text messaging, service.

The Textbot system may be configured to provide lead information, clarify product or service information, or assist a customer in resolving any possible customer problems.

This device can be set up to receive incoming calls automatically. This will be useful for providing immediate updates to someone who calls a company.

They can no longer be in the dark about services, products, the name, or how an organization can assist a company in succeeding.

Textbot AI can also be used for promotions and advertisement, as well as assisting consumers in deciding what resources their organisation can offer.

The device operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that a company’s clients have access to some kind of messaging or phone service.

What is TextBot AI?

Textbot is an integrated text messaging application that helps Us to benefit from the power of text messaging marketing.

TextBot (Automated Virtual Assistant) is a platform that allows users to advertise their companies without having to talk to someone.

You’ll get your phone number when you enter, which you can use for AVA and with SMS marketing using personalized keywords.

It also has an affiliation system built-in, allowing users to benefit from sharing the software or platform with others.

How Does TextBot AI Work?

AVA, the Automated Virtual Assistant, is the main feature of TextBot.ai. All attached to AVA has real-time, human-like text message conversations with her.

She can literally answer questions, deliver documents, follow up, and even send any email you want her to, and she does it all by text message.

The ability to generate personalized keywords that can be used for the personal phone number given when you enter TextBot.ai is the second unique feature.

You may get a special text message received when a custom keyword is submitted when you create it.

Let’s imagine you set up the keyword “FREE WEBSITE,” and any time one of your prospects texts the keyword to your phone number, a text message with your marketing message is sent to the prospect.

Textbot AI is a very appealing platform to think from because over 98 percent of text messages are read, and over 90 percent of them are read within three minutes!

If you’re looking for a safer and more reliable way to text your leads and clients, AVA is the way to go.

What is the Cost of TextBot AI?

TextBot AI can be joined for a very low price. There is a one-time charge of $100 and no recurring payments.

However, you will need to fill your account with user credits for AVA to connect with your leads using your new phone number.

There are three credit use plans to choose from:

Tire Kicker Plan – $10:

For Lite Usage

If you make a one-time purchase, you will get 1,000 credits.

If you make a monthly purchase, you’ll get 2,000 extra credits.

Builder Plan – $25:

For Medium Usage

If you make a one-time purchase, you will get 2,500 credits.

If you make a monthly purchase, you’ll get a bonus of 5,000 credits.

Boss Plan – $50:

For High Usage

If one-time purchase, you will get 5,000 credits

If you make a monthly purchase, you’ll get a bonus of 10,000 credits.

As you will see, signing up for a monthly contract has its benefits. Textbot AI deducts 1 penny (- $0.01) or 1 credit from your usage balance each time it sends a text message on your behalf to someone in the world.

The phone number charges $1.00 upfront, and then $1.00 is deducted from the credit balance per month to keep it active. If you sign up for a monthly contract, you can cancel at any time.

How Does the TextBot AI Compensation Plan Work?

Now let’s talk about how you can make a lot of money from this website by sharing it with others.

TextBot AI uses a Reverse 1 Up compensation plan, which means you get 100% immediate payout for every $100 profit you make and then have to give up your second sale to your sponsor once.

That is, you can pay back your initial investment on your first offer. You then use the power of the second sell sale up to increase the cash flow.

Your third sale and future purchases would give up their second sale in favor of you.

That’s what there is to the benefits package. I adore this opportunity because, unlike most other business opportunities, it’s not difficult to understand how you make money on this one.

It costs $50 to become a reseller of TextBot AI software, which is paid to the site administrator.

When you sign up as a new client, your balance will be $150 plus use credits. To keep your status as an active reseller, what you have to do is pay $50 to the site admin once a year.

What are the Advantages of Textbot AI?

Users will benefit from the Textbot AI System in several ways. To begin, an account holder may create a contact database to use for the system’s text messaging program.

This means the text messages will be archived and retrieved at a later date.

The open rates of text messages are higher than those of emails. This means that an email campaign would not be as successful as text messaging in contacting consumers.

Textbot AI is a viable solution to sales funnels, which most business insiders believe are ineffective.

Textbot AI can be designed to promote almost every company on the market. The associate network, once again, pays a generous $100 commission.

Textbot AI will also run 224/7, allowing small and midsize businesses to still have someone answering the phone, even though they only have a few workers to handle customer service.

Is TextBot AI Good For You?

This program is for you whether you are an inexperienced or experienced affiliate marketer looking for a new way to produce leads for your primary company or have made little to no money online.

Textbot AI is the simplest and most unique marketing platform and income scheme to enter, and it can help you earn the first $100 online.

What I like best about this software is that you will use it to develop your main company while remaining anonymous.

You can receive $500 in the first month of using TextBot, and you can do so in your spare time.

You have the option of making several $100 payments. Keep in mind that to make money, you’ll need to show the system to as many customers as possible each day.

You must still be an outstanding supporter and assist your new sign-ups in getting off to a promising start.

If you are not reliable, diligent, and patient, you will fail to excel in this program. You must be a pro at following instructions!!!

That being said, if you’re looking for a new way to make money that doesn’t require messing around with sales funnels or creating an email list, this is the software for you.

It’s a low-cost, easy software platform and market opportunity that requires little training. There are still no subscription payments, which is fantastic.

Final Words:

Textbot AI isn’t a scam. That can be mentioned conclusively. This platform is generally better for people who wish to make money by referring someone.

To be honest, it seems that this organization is making a deliberate attempt to support this part of its operation. This is significant because people will profit from this service if they chose to sign up for this purpose.

Textbot AI can send SMS messages, but it is commonly used by businesses. The corporation most likely found that their referral service is a better fit for companies.

As a result, while they provide SMS text messaging services to companies, they choose to concentrate on people who recommend others to help them grow their business.

To get started using Textbot AI or(Ava), simply click on the blue highlighted area, or you can call my Virtual Assistant @(256)-781-3438 and meet Ava!

Thanks for reading!


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