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Let’s face it, you wish to know how to earn money online!  Well, there are tens of thousands of people looking for answers to this question. As you search the internet, you will come across online jobs that are legitimate, then there are scams and some are extremely lucrative.

Yes, you do have jobs that can help you earn those extra bucks from the comforts of your home.

The golden thumb rule for how to earn money from home online is creativity. And, you must have skills that the employer wants.

If you have sound computer knowledge and a working internet connection, this guide will help you understand more about how to earn money from home online.

You will be able to discover job opportunities that blend with your schedule and are ideal for your lifestyle.

So, are you prepared to learn more about your online opportunities?

Step by Step Training Video 

Sound Email Skills? Become a Virtual Assistant!

Are you capable of handling your family calendar without any hassles or tussles?

Do you know how to keep track of your children, relatives, and your dear one’s schedule?

If yes, you have what is required to become a successful virtual assistant.

In this modern era, clients and leaders need professionals who can handle travel schedules, emails, and meeting arrangements flawlessly.

People with organizational qualities and administrative expertise are meant for this job.

Of course, you should have great time management qualities too! With these qualities, you will be able to handle the role of a virtual assistant seamlessly.

There are some freelance sites, such as the popular oDesk, that quite often have jobs for virtual assistants.

Just as with physical assistant positions, you will get paid for helping executives with various tasks.

How Strong Are Your Business Skills? Let’s Start Selling Things!

Do you know that the internet is rich in opportunities for ambitious businessmen/women?

The virtual world has so many channels for those who are interested in business.

And, becoming an online reseller has become easier. Homeowners always wish to get rid of old things and buy new ones.

Unfortunately, the busy one’s need help in getting rid of antiques. This is when online resellers become handy.

If you have sound experience in hosting auctions and using eBay, this is your cup of tea. A business-savvy homeowner can make hundreds of dollars by reselling products.

For those who like to make handcrafted items, sites such as Etsy are ideal to start making some money off of such hobbies.

Dedicated hand crafters should check Etsy and similar sites to find the best fit for their products.

To make the most, you must determine the item’s actual value and what the market quotes.

You should “choose” your price for the product wisely. If the product sells, you will make a small percentage.

The amount of money you make depends on the volume, the nature of your business and the sites you pick.

Are Your Language Skills Outstanding? Start Translating!

The demand for efficient translators has increased by leaps and bounds. The demand for this business is global.

Businesses want professionals who can read, speak and write in multiple languages. And, if you are fluent in several languages, this might be an ideal online job for you.

Do you know that people engage in live conversations, work from virtual offices and translate thousands of documents/recordings?

Languages in high demand are Korean, French and Chinese! The deadlines for translation jobs will be tight. But, it perks are worth your time and effort.

Here is a list of other websites that will help you to find translators jobs and show you how to make money from home online.

Freelancer.com – One of the top and reliable freelance websites online, you have “Translation Jobs” category that you can find the updated translation jobs online to make money from home.

Guru.com– On Guru you can find several translation related jobs from translating texts to all kinds of ebooks and websites too.

Elance.com– find any type of work on this helpful website, set the budget and you’re ready to go, earn as much as you want and can do.

oDesk.com– great website with various types of translation gigs, full time, part time, hourly or fixed price, it’s your choice.

Proz.com-another great website with different types of translation jobs, full time, part time, hourly,  it’s your choice.

Hope you will choose and find the website of your choice, and that you will start making  money online for yourself and your family.

My Recommendation for Earning Money From Home Online

Before you can start earning money online and being successful at it, you are going to need proper training, tools, and support.

With out this you will not succeed. I highly recommend a service I personally use. The name of the service I use and recommend is Wealthy Affiliate.

What is Wealthy Affiliate ?

Wealthy Affiliate  is an online business university that launched in 2005 with more than 100,000 active members sharing experiences and helping each other to succeed in their online endeavors.

They specializes in the affiliate marketing model of passive income. They are a training program that can teach anyone how to start their own online business, they will provide you with the proper training and coaching, tools, and support needed to succeed online.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate For ?

Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone, anyone looking to start a business online,  it does not matter if you are a newbie or a advanced marketer.

I highly recommend it for anyone that is just starting out looking for some  direction on how to earn money from home online.

So if you are a beginner looking to get started, Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start and get your feet wet.

To learn more about Wealthy Affiliate and how to get started and login view this page.

I highly recommend you giving them a try. There is a starter program you can join for absolutely Free.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below.

Thanks Richard

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