Wealthy Affiliate Review 2021-Scam or Legit-You Decide

You are probably wondering if Wealthy Affiliate is legit or just another scam.

In this article, I will be giving you my honest views and opinions on the Wealthy Affiliate Review 2021 on a personal level, and hopefully you can decide if this is a scam or is it legit, more importantly, can you benefit from it.

It does’nt matter whether you are a total newbie to online marketing, or you are a seasoned veteran, there is always something new to learn that will benefit you.

By the way, my name is Richard, here is a short intro on how and why I got started in the online business. Click Here

Before I start my review I want to give you a general idea what Wealthy Affiliate is and what it can do for your business, whether you have some experience, or you are looking to get started and need support.

Wealthy Affiliate is a state-of-the-art affiliate marketing platform that allows you to create and start a online business.

The platform includes some training, live classes, 2 free websites, hosting affiliate marketing programs, beginner training course, access to owners, and unlimited personal and expert support.

Wealthy Affiliate is the largest affiliate marketing platform in the world with close to a million members!

My review will start with a quick overview and breakdown on Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate-Overview & Rankings Break Down

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Website URL: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Owners: Kyle Loudoun & Carson Lim

Support: 5 out of 5

Training: 4 out of 5

Website Builder: 5 out of 5

Web Hosting: 5 out of 5

Research Tools: 4 out of 5

Success Stories: 4 out of 5

Price: Starter Membership (FREE) Premium Membership $49/month $359/year

What Exactly Is Wealthy Affiliate?

(video will explain)


Wealthy Affiliate is a online training platform that train members how to do affiliate marketing and how to make money online by earning commissions from various affiliate programs.

They provide all the necessary tools and training so that you can earn commissions online and become successful online business owners.

It was created by Kyle and Carson in the year 2005 and they have developed a huge community of over 1.5 million online marketers and entrepreneurs.

The platform is available for FREE no credit card is required! That way you can decide if this is for you or not.

Click Here to start free membership.

Wealthy Affiliate is for who?

Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone looking to work from home and to start an online business.

It does’nt matter if you have no experience or you are a seasoned veteran, the platform is designed for everyone, however it is designed specifically for beginners in mind.

However, Wealthy Affiliate is NOT for everyone, allow me to explain, if you are look to get rich overnight this is not for you.

If you are looking for a system that allows you success with a click of a button, this is not for you (if there is any please let me know).

Always remember to be successful online is a step-by-step process it does’nt happen overnight.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to become successful, but they will not do the work for you.

You will have to put in time and effort. So, if you are not willing to work hard and educate yourself on how to work from home then this is not for you.

Watch the short video below to get a better understanding how Wealthy Affiliate will educate their new members.

Is Wealthy Affiliate a MLM or a Pyramid Scheme?

Let’s begin with the definition of Multi Level Marketing (MLM) also called pyramid selling, network marketing, and referral marketing, is a marketing strategy for the pyramid-selling of products and/or services.

Here’s an excellent definition from Wikipedia (The Free encyclopedia)

A pyramid scheme is a business model that recruits members via a promise of payments or services for enrolling others into the scheme, rather than supplying investments or sale of products.

As recruiting multiplies, recruiting becomes quickly impossible, and most members are unable to profit; as such, pyramid schemes are unsustainable and often illegal.

Lastly, let’s hear what the Fedreral Trade Commission have to say what a pyramid scheme is:

Pyramid schemes now come in so many forms that they may be difficult to recognize immediately. However, they all share one overriding characteristic.

They promise consumers or investors large profits based primarily on recruiting others to join there program, not based on profits from any real investment or real sale of goods to the public.

Some schemes may purport to sell a product, but they often simply use the product to hide there pyramid structure.

So, the best way to define what is MLM or Pyramid Scheme would be the only way you can earn a commission or pay is by recruiting someone.

Now let us take a look at the Wealthy Affiliate business model and compare them to MLM.

First and foremost Wealthy Affiliate is a state-of-the-art training platform that teaches their members how to work from home doing Affiliate Marketing.

Their system is a four step-by-step process.

First choose an interest or niche, build a website based on your niche or interest, then from there they will teach you how to rank your sites (Google) to get free traffic daily so that you can earn a commission when someone purchase your product or service.

Affiliate Marketing Overview


Now, let me ask you, is this similar to MLM?  I don’t think so!

You do not need to promote Wealthy Affiliate to earn commissions, even though they have an excellent affiliate program (which I am a part of).

The point I am trying to make is that they will teach you how to promote any affiliate program you desire.

You can promote major affiliate programs such as, Amazon, ClickBank, Warrior Plus, Share-A-Sale, just to name a few.

So, again I ask is Wealthy Affiliate a MLM or a Pyramid Scheme? You decide

Wealthy Affiliate Training

At Wealthy Affiliate the basic training is divided in five phases (or levels). Ten lessons are included in each course. Below is an example of the lessons.

Lesson 1 Getting Started – The Welcome intro from Kyle and summary of what you’ll be learning (Video and Text).

Lesson 2 How You’ll Make Money – Kyle explains how people make money from the Internet and you define you financial goals (Video and Text and Tutorial).

Lesson 3 Choosing A Niche – Get you grey matter ready – this defines ‘niches’ and really helps you decide on yours (Video and Text).

Lesson 4 Building Your Own Website – Build you first website with Website Express (Video and Text).

Lesson 5 Setting Up Your Website – Having built you site you now going to tweak the look and feel, activate plugins and prepare for content.

Click here to view Wealth Affiliate’s online training courses

Is There a Cost For Wealthy Affiliate?

At Wealthy Affiliate there is a free Starter membership which gives you the first 10 lesson beginner’s course and free website builder.

This is perfect because it gives you a free test drive of the program so you can see if this is right for you.

If you like what you see you can upgrade to premium membership at $49 per month or $359 yearly.

I personally recommend premium because there is so much more value in it.

Below is a complete break down on pricing

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit or Another Scam?


First l always like to give a brief definition on a term or topic.

Let’s start with Legit, how is that defined?

This is what I came up with, according to the dictionary:

Legit is a slang word short for legitimate and refers to something as legal, proper and/or done in conformance with the rules.

Now let’s see how the term Scam is defined, once again according to the dictionary Scam is defined as:

scam is a deceptive scheme or trick used to cheat someone out of something, especially money. Scam is also a verb meaning to cheat someone in such a way.
Based on the information I provided, is Wealthy Affiliate a Scam or Legit?

You  make that decision.

My Final Thoughts 

If you are looking for a quick-get-rich plan or a one-click- button that will make you rich overnight keep researching and I will be praying for you.

On the other hand, if you are not afraid to learn new skills at creating a successful online business, work hard and put in an honest effort.

I invite you to take that journey with me by joining Wealthy Affiliate.

It is totally FREE to join!

Simply click on the button below!

Join Wealthy Affiliate


Feel free to leave a question or comment below.









16 Replies to “Wealthy Affiliate Review 2021-Scam or Legit-You Decide”

  1. Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam…it is a legit online business that has empowered a lot of persons on the go and is still very active in the business of helping people to attain financial freedom.
    MLM and  Pyramid schemes are structured in such a way that it members earning is tired to the number of they referrers(down line) but WA goes beyond that ,they help you to become successful online and drive a lot of revenue to your site.

  2. Tremendous article you have here on wealthy affiliate, As a premium member at wealthy affiliate I have actually gained more than I actually expected.. I can tell you with absolute confidence that wealthy affiliate is the best affiliate platform that one can get the best affiliate marketing training to help you become successful in your marketing… The benefit accrued to being a member at wealthy affiliate can’t be over emphasized so I guess it will be best you come experience it yourself..

  3. Heloo over there, a big thanks to you for sharing this unbiased review on Wealthy Affiiliate. Wealthy Affiiliate is a very reliable and amazing online platform, one of the Best I know. It’s not a scam, I have been a member of Wealthy affiliate for a while which I must say has been amazing. I have learnt a  lot on Affiliate Marketting from that platform. Like you’ve mentioned Wealthy affiliate is not a get rich overnight scheme it requires, time , patient, work and consistency. 

    1. Thanks Sheddy! You said it right. Not just with WA, but with any business you have to put in effort & work consistantly. Good things come to those that wait.

  4. Hello there,  thank you to this very detailed and informative review on wealthy affiliate,  if I had seen a review as this one five years ago,  my life would have been better than what it is now,  but I’m grateful i’m not where I used to be,  i signed up to wealthy affiliate some six month ago and my business has taken a better shape,  I have been able to build a website for my business via the trainings I received from wealthy affiliate and the support system at wealthy affiliate Is second to none,  i would really recommend wealthy Affiliate for anyone at anytime

  5. Hello there! this is an awesome review you have got here. I wonder who will still call wealthy affiliate a scam after all the massive success stories everywhere. Its one of the best platform I have seen so far with more than enough features and benefits in it which is meant to help anyone who joins.

  6. Hi Richard! This is a an amazing article that you have got here. I can’t agree less with you. Indeed any get rich quick syndrome is definitely not the best option for any one who intend to succeed in business. However, here in wealthy affiliate one us offered the best of training and support to succeed in your business.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hey nice review you have there about the wealthy Affiliate. Your thoughts and findings are indeed invaluable. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the legitimate website I have come across since I started online business. It’s user-friendly nature, support, training and mentorship given makes it to standout above it’s counterpart. Is indeed second to none.

  8. Hello there thanks for this review. I must commend your effort in trying to put up a few thing about this platform. Well it’s no surprise that people still this Wealth Affiliate is a scam. Before I joined this platform I used to think that all online affiliate marketing platforms are scam but my view changed after a friend of mine convinced me to join this platform. Ever since joining WA I have benefited greatly in it. 

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